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Our mission is to deliver a frictionless cloud platform that increases operational effectiveness and facilitates informed decision-making

The Leadership Team

Our mission is to deliver a frictionless cloud platform that increases operational effectiveness and facilitates informed decision-making


A team leading the complete disruption of the way ERP software is implemented and supported


Maintain a stellar reputation. Act with integrity and courage. Be nice people. Be adaptable. Be collaborative.


Richard Sellar


"My goal is to change the way that systems implementations are done in order to enable every one of our customers to realize their potential. I am passionate about applying technology to the problems that are the most important to our customers! I love coming to work every day and seeing what outstanding people can do when given a collaborative environment and the freedom to delight our customers in any way they see fit. When I am not coming up with the new ways to disrupt our business, I enjoy traveling, cooking, basketball, skiing, music, and reading (my current favorite author is Neal Stephenson)."


Sam Smith

Director of Sales & Marketing

"My mission is to make the resources of our team relevant to companies who want to use technology to get better and grow explosively. I love working at Stellar One because we don't see barriers, we see ways through them. When I'm not obsessing over work, you can probably catch me fist-pumping to whatever's in my headphones. But I feel the most freedom while cruising on a skateboard, and experience the most joy when the Los Angeles Dodgers win."


Kevin Patrick

VP of Consulting

"My role is to better enable our team in guiding our customers through existing business challenges by leveraging our world class platform of solutions. I joined the team at Stellar One for multiple reasons. The first is because I met the entire team, i could immediately tell everyone is singularly focused on revolutionizing the way we put our minds to it. Lastly, but certainly not least, my personal values align with Stellar One's company values. When I am not working with our clients to help grow their businesses, I enjoy golfing, cycling and spending my time with my family."

Tom Baker, VP of Mission Assurance at Stellar One Consutling

Tom Baker

VP of Mission Assurance

"I believe that the most important measurement for innovation is 'value delivered". At Stellar One, I see a group of people dedicated to delivering that innovation and value to our customers. I will contribute to our talented team by prioritizing that value, assuring that it is delivered and that the value is realized by our customers. After working with our customers, I enjoy following my kids' music and sports events, as well as coaching and refereeing youth soccer matches."

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