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Our mission is to deliver a frictionless cloud platform that increases operational effectiveness and facilitates informed decision-making

A Stellar Team

Leading the total disruption of the way ERP software is packaged, implemented & supported

Our Mission: deliver a frictionless customer experience to help small and midsized enterprises leverage technology to drive rapid business value. 

Our Purpose: help our team members reach their dreams, and help our customers fulfill their mission statements.


  1. Maintain a stellar reputation.
  2. Act with integrity and courage.
  3. Be nice people.
  4. Be adaptable.
  5. Be collaborative.
Richard Sellar, CEO at Stellar One Consulting

Richard Sellar

CEO, Leadership Team Member

"My goal is to change the way that systems implementations are done in order to enable every one of our customers to realize their potential. I am passionate about applying technology to the problems that are the most important to our customers! I love coming to work every day and seeing what outstanding people can do when given a collaborative environment and the freedom to delight our customers in any way they see fit. When I am not coming up with the new ways to disrupt our business, I enjoy traveling, cooking, basketball, skiing, music, and reading (my current favorite author is Neal Stephenson).

Brenda-Ferguson_2022 Profile Portrait

Brenda Ferguson

COO, leadership team member

“My focus is on helping the talented team here at Stellar One achieve our vision by implementing strategies that drive growth and success for our people, customers and the company. I truly believe if you take great care of your team, they'll take great care of your customers! I joined Stellar One since the entire company not only shares this belief, but has integrated it into the core values that we all live by. To ensure our team continues to deliver great outcomes for our customers, we emphasize a healthy life/work balance for our team. In my free time, I love spending time with my husband, daughter and our dog, enjoying the outdoors, watching musical performances, and traveling to fun destinations. Spending time outside rejuvenates me, especially if it's in a place with sunny weather on or near water or in the mountains.”

Scott Sandler

Scott Sandler

CFO, Leadership Team member

“My focus at Stellar One is to support our team in delivering the best business results and an outstanding customer experience. I joined Stellar One as I am passionate about helping small and mid-sized businesses realize their potential. Stellar One puts its employees and customers above all else. Outside of work I enjoy personal fitness, running, and relaxing with family and friends on the lake. “


Aaron Law

VP of Professional Services, Leadership team member

“My day-to-day responsibility at Stellar One is to ensure our customers achieve their desired business outcomes and be a trusted advisor on their growth journey. I joined Stellar One for the opportunity to work with a fantastic team of professionals that are genuinely passionate about the customer and employee experience. It’s right there in our purpose, “help our team members reach their dreams, and help our customers fulfill their mission statements”. During my downtime, I enjoy watching the professional sports teams in North Texas and spending time with my wife, daughter, and two dogs.”


Alonzo Williams

Account Executive

"My focus is to ensure that Stellar One's delivery is the best in the industry. We want to continue to disrupt the market by providing transparency and removing the risk that is normally associated with ERP Projects. Many firms have stated core values, but it is rare that they live by them. The Stellar One organization embodies their values. These values are discussed within our meetings, frames our employee career path, relayed to our customers and defines our work product. Over last 10 years I have spent the majority of my weekends with youth travel baseball and travel basketball teams. Having my sons participate in high level sporting teams keeps me young."

Teresa Sellar is a Senior Solution Architect at Stellar One Consulting

Teresa Sellar

Senior Solution Architect

"As the founder of Stellar One Consulting, I have realized my dream of implementing ERP systems with an awesome team of dedicated employees who share my core values. When I am not at work or working, I enjoy doing jigsaw, puzzles, walking on the beach, reading, and spending time with my family."

Adriel Negrete is a Solution Architect at Stellar One Consulting

Adriel Negrete

Solution Architect

"Helping our customers use technology for business success is what I strive for every day. It is a pleasure working at Stellar One because I have the opportunity to collaborate with an extremely knowledgeable team to overcome complex business scenarios. In my spare time, I enjoy watching my Houston sport teams, indulging on new food, watching anime and sharing these experiences with my family and friends."

Allison Waltberg is a Reporting & Data Visualization Consultant at Stellar One Consulting

Allison Waltberg

Reporting & Data Visualization Consultant

"Data visualizations are like X-rays: they let you look beneath the surface of the data and see through to the useful insights hidden inside. My job is to find understandable ways to distill lots of complicated data down into valuable information. I love the innovative spirit and creativity that everyone on the Stellar One team brings to our work every day – ideas don’t stay ideas for long! Outside of work, I love to hike, visit national parks, play video games, paint, and volunteer with Destination Imagination."

Andre Melges is an Implementation Consultant at Stellar One Consulting

Andre Melges

Implementation Consultant

"As part of the constellation, what I love most about being an implementation consultant is getting the opportunity to understand what our customers need, analyzing all the system functions, and then demonstrating it in a way that helps them get the best results possible. When not at my office, my hobbies include biking and cooking, and spending time with my family and friends. Another fun fact about me, sometimes I talk to myself - especially when I need an expert’s opinion."

Mark Pierson is a Application Development Manager at Stellar One Consulting

Mark Pierson

Application Development Manager

"I help companies become more efficient and scalable with reduced costs by integrating processes and data across multiple applications. I came to Stellar One because of our focus on building longtime relationships with our customers, and the dedication and talent of our employees. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking in the Cascades, visiting National Parks and spending time with my family."


Cristina Muro Carrillo

Senior Project Manager

"As a senior project manager at Stellar One, I am passionate about helping companies optimize their business processes and workflows. As an avid problem solver, I enjoy learning about new businesses and industries and helping them improve and ease their pain points. I joined Stellar One because I was drawn to its collaborative environment and its emphasis on the agile and iterative methodology. My experience has taught me that the key to a successful implementation is to have the customers get their hands on the system as soon as possible, so I am a fan of rapid-prototyping! When I am not working, I enjoy traveling with my husband and two children. We love exploring new places and going home to Mexico to see our family."

Gerardo Loazano

Gerardo Lozano

Implementation Consultant

“As an implementation consultant at Stellar One, our goal is to understand how a customer's business works and use the tools available in the system to demonstrate new and efficient ways to improve their process. Working at Stellar One allows me to be part of a dynamic team that meets challenges head-on using its collective knowledge and experience to solve modern day problems. When I’m not working , I enjoy restoring my classic car, strumming a nice tune on the guitar and spending quality time with my 3 hyperactive dogs.”

Jeremy Kurcina is an Application Developer at Stellar One Consulting

Jeremy Kurcina

Application Developer

"I develop system applications and integrations for both external clients and Stellar One internally. I love working here because my teammates are very friendly and easy to get along with while challenging me to improve myself. When I'm noting working, I enjoy hiking, camping, good food, and good music."


Magge Fernandez

Account Manager

“I enjoy working with my customers to understand their business needs and design a system solution that is aligned with their strategic goals. The thing I love most about our team at Stellar One is that we work collaboratively and leverage everyone’s knowledge and experience to deliver the best solution for our customers. When I am not working, I spend quality time with my family and go cheer for my kids at their activities.”

Sarah Swettlen

Sara Swettlen

Project Manager

“My role as a project manager is to make sure that client expectations are met by meeting our project timelines and managing the work and activities associated with the project. My favorite thing about working here at Stellar One is the collaboration of our team members and the positive work environment. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my son, reading and exercising.”


Natalie Conforti

Implementation Consultant

"As a Stellar One implementation consultant, I strive to help our customers align their ERP systems with their business objectives and allow them to focus on what they do best. I was drawn to Stellar One because they share my values and goals to not only help our customers in their journey to realize their dreams, but also their employees. Through dedication, innovation and a collaborative working environment we strive to be a true partner in a customer's success story. What a great feeling to be part of someone accomplishing their dream! When I'm not working, my husband and I enjoy camping in our travel trailer, traveling, and spending time with family (which includes our pets), and friends. I also love reading, the performance arts, listening to music, and relaxing by the ocean."

corina lopez linkedin

Corina Lopez

UX Designer/Developer

“As a UX Designer and Developer, my job is to understand and empathize with users and design meaningful, enjoyable experiences through creative solutions. I love being at Stellar One where I am able to work alongside a team of professionals who are passionate about innovation, growth, and customer satisfaction. In my spare time you will most likely find me hanging out with my daughter while we cheer on our favorite Dallas sports teams, rock out to live music, binge watch everything Star Wars, or on a boat fishing at the lake.”

Tommy Loyd

Tommy Loyd

Senior Project Manager

“As a senior project manager at Stellar One, I am responsible for managing projects to scope, schedule, and customer satisfaction. I enjoy working with the team to deliver the best possible outcomes for customers based on their specific business needs and goals. I joined the team at Stellar One due to the great culture, commitment to team collaboration, and opportunity to grow as a professional. In my spare time, I enjoy salt-water fishing, barbecuing, watching SEC football and Atlanta Braves baseball, and just spending time with family and friends.”

Jason Conforti

Jason Conforti

Dream Manager

“My customers are our employees. My job is to ensure each Stellar One Star is on a path to be the best version of themselves that they can be for themselves, their families, and for our business, which means for our clients too! We work on health and wellness and our goals and dreams together! I joined Stellar One Consulting because it’s an amazing group of people doing wonderful things for our clients. We have a GREAT reputation in our industry and our future is bright to say the least! I love doing what I do, and there’s nothing more satisfying than helping people overcome life’s challenges and becoming the best version of themselves! I’m a husband, a father of 5, a grandfather of 13 (REALLY!) and I am also a career martial artist, earning 3 black belts in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and am a certified instructor as well. I also enjoy glamping (RV Camping) with my wife and friends, and I can fix just about anything!”


Alexandra Gerstel

Account Manager

“As an Account Manager, I have the privilege to uphold the highest standard of care to current customers and help customers achieve their growth and development goals. I joined the Stellar One team because of their commitment to their customers and employees and I align heavily with the core values of courage, integrity, kindness, and collaboration. When I am not working, you can find me hiking, reading, playing with my dog Chico, exploring new cities with friends & family, discovering new restaurants, making crafts with my nieces and nephews, and working out at the gym.”


David Murphy

advanced application developer

“My goal as an Advanced Application Developer at Stellar One is to make our customers’ daily jobs easier. Stellar One is a great place to work with a very knowledgeable, collaborative, and helpful team. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time at the beach, boating, golfing and spending time with friends and family.”

Johanna Garcia-Williams

Johanna Garcia-Williams

support consultant

“As part of the Stellar One team, I have the pleasure of working in mission support - helping customers on a daily basis! I am dedicated to providing each customer the personal care they deserve for whatever inquiries, issues or requests they may have. I enjoy working with our Stellar One team as well and helping any way I can. On my days off, I enjoy spending time with my husband, three children and pets. I live in Montana, a beautiful state full of nature scenery, and we often take camping trips to enjoy the great outdoors!”


Fernando Cisneros

implementation consultant

“As an Implementation Consultant, my goal is to help companies utilize their ERP system to its full might to efficiently perform each business process. I joined Stellar One because of the shared values between the company and myself which include nice people, being adaptable and maintaining a stellar reputation. I also get the opportunity to work with great companies in multiple industries, and access to the best coworkers and ERP systems. In my off time, you can find me escaping the big city of Houston and traveling to different beautiful places the world has to offer."

Michael Williamson

Mike Williamson

senior director of marketing

"As the Senior Director of Marketing, I take immense pride in the ability to plan, coordinate, organize, and implement marketing strategies and procedures to bring significant improvements to our customers. With over 10+ years’ experience in Enterprise Resource Planning, I am responsible for positioning our company in the market and growing our brand. My favorite part of working at Stellar One Consulting is our customer-driven, collaborative culture. On my days off I enjoy spending time with my wife, kids, and puppies. We love going to the pool, hiking, playing soccer, and watching movies!"

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