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Our mission is to deliver a frictionless cloud platform that increases operational effectiveness and facilitates informed decision-making

A Stellar Team

Leading the total disruption of the way ERP software is packaged, implemented & supported

Our Mission: deliver a frictionless customer experience to help small and midsized enterprises leverage technology to drive rapid business value. 

Our Purpose: help our team members reach their dreams, and help our customers fulfill their mission statements.


  1. Maintain a stellar reputation.
  2. Act with integrity and courage.
  3. Be nice people.
  4. Be adaptable.
  5. Be collaborative.
Richard Sellar, CEO at Stellar One Consulting

Richard Sellar


"My goal is to change the way that systems implementations are done in order to enable every one of our customers to realize their potential. I am passionate about applying technology to the problems that are the most important to our customers! I love coming to work every day and seeing what outstanding people can do when given a collaborative environment and the freedom to delight our customers in any way they see fit. When I am not coming up with the new ways to disrupt our business, I enjoy traveling, cooking, basketball, skiing, music, and reading (my current favorite author is Neal Stephenson).

Sam Smith is the VP of Customer Success at Stellar One Consulting

Sam Smith

VP of Customer Success

"My mission is to align with our customers through every step of their journey to make delivering solutions and successful outcomes a reality. I love working at Stellar One because the culture breeds an authentic enthusiasm for helping our customers run better companies. When I'm not obsessing over work, you can probably catch me fist-pumping to whatever's in my headphones. But I feel the most freedom while cruising on a skateboard, and experience the most joy when the Los Angeles Dodgers win."

Teresa Sellar is a Senior Solution Architect at Stellar One Consulting

Teresa Sellar

Senior Solution Architect

"As the founder of Stellar One Consulting, I have realized my dream of implementing ERP systems with an awesome team of dedicated employees who share my core values. When I am not at work or working, I enjoy doing jigsaw, puzzles, walking on the beach, reading, and spending time with my family."

Mark Pierson, Application Development Manager

Mark Pierson

Application Development Manager

"I help companies become more efficient and scalable with reduced costs by integrating processes and data across multiple applications. I came to Stellar One because of our focus on building longtime relationships with our customers, and the dedication and talent of our employees. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking in the Cascades, visiting National Parks and spending time with my family."

Christina Bayley is a Senior Application Developer at Stellar One Consulting

Christina Bayley

Senior Application Developer

"I strive to learn something new every day and like to think outside of the box. I enjoy analyzing problems and looking for fresh, innovative ways to tackle them. I work with incredibly bright people who help make learning and thinking fun. When I'm not working on my next task, I enjoy camping, bowling, cooking/baking, watching football (go Steelers!), and bartending."

Vanessa Virchow is a Senior Application Consultant at Stellar One Consulting

Vanessa Virchow

Senior Application Consultant

"I have various roles at Stellar One Consulting, from Solution Architect to Project Manager, and Product Owner of our Data Collection suite. I love sliding into these different roles as needed as it allows me to help the rest of the team and our clients be the best they can possibly be. We have a very supportive, collaborative environment at S1C with fantastic leadership, and it makes it a joy to be at work every day. At the end of the day, I’m usually either settled on the couch with a glass of wine, walking my dogs, or out at the barn spending time with my horse."

Allison (Moberger) Waltberg is a Reporting & Data Visualization Consultant at Stellar One Consulting

Allison (Moberger) Waltberg

Reporting & Data Visualization Consultant

"Data visualizations are like X-rays: they let you look beneath the surface of the data and see through to the useful insights hidden inside. My job is to find understandable ways to distill lots of complicated data down into valuable information. I love the innovative spirit and creativity that everyone on the Stellar One team brings to our work every day – ideas don’t stay ideas for long! Outside of work, I love to hike, visit national parks, play video games, paint, and volunteer with Destination Imagination."

Jeremy Kurcina is an Application Developer at Stellar One Consulting

Jeremy Kurcina

Application Developer

"I develop system applications and integrations for both external clients and Stellar One internally. I love working here because my teammates are very friendly and easy to get along with while challenging me to improve myself. When I'm noting working, I enjoy hiking, camping, good food, and good music."

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