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An ERP Solutions Consulting Model that is Proven to Reduce Risk and Lead to More Successful Outcomes


Agile Implementation Methodology

We don’t wait until the end of the project to test your business processes in your new system. Starting in the second week of the implementation project, your team will run through each of your business processes from end-to-end several times.

Instead of some arbitrary configuration from a group of consultants who barely know you, your team will have a hand in how the system is configured which leads to faster, more wide-spread adoption of the software.


The Fixed-Price Promise

When a supplier gives you a quote with their hourly rate and an estimated number of hours to complete the project, they have put the risk of a budget overrun on you.

They do this all day, every day. Shouldn’t they know how much it costs?

Yes, they should.

We certainly do. So the price you see is the price you pay to complete the project. Period.

We don’t sell time. We deliver value.


The Go-Live Guarantee

You should know when you’re going live, but too often projects fail and become too costly, because they far surpass their project timeline.

We eliminate this uncertainty by offering our Go-Live Guarantee. That means you’re live on or before your go-live date, or we’ll pay for your software licenses until you are.

Trust us, we don’t want to pay for your licenses. So the financial stability of our organization is aligned with our promise to implement and get your company live on your new system.

We use technology to help our customers realize more value from their core business processes. Some examples include reducing the time and effort required to consolidate financials and perform period-end closing, automating inventory management to improve accuracy, and decreasing the cost of goods sold through intelligent demand planning.

We are an SAP Gold Partner and a Team of Business Management Technology Experts

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SAP Business One

An affordable, best-of-breed ERP solution designed for small and mid-market businesses that want to transform their processes into finely tuned operations. 

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Evaluating a new ERP software implementation?

We believe in simplifying the ERP software evaluation process as much as possible for you. So, we developed this pricing calculator so that you are able to calculate your implementation and ERP software subscription cost without having to contact a salesperson, or even enter an email address!

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Learn How to Successfully Select & Implement ERP Software

Read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the ERP Software Galaxy and learn more about how ERP software works, how to pick the right ERP software and implementation partner for your company, how to avoid the common mistakes that cause ERP software implementation failure, how to successfully implement ERP software, and much more!

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