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Select a plan that fits your business

Plans & Pricing

Whether your team has 5, 50, or 500 members, scale and support your business with one of our Stellar One Cloud Platform Plans

Starter Growth Professional Enterprise
Platform Access Level
Number of Users 4 - 10 11-50 51-100 101-500
Platform Extensions Available
These are affordable ways to extend the capabilities of the platform with Extensions for Shipping, eSignature and Automated Bank & Credit Card Transaction Matching. These are offered for an additional monthly subscription.
Advanced Functionality Available
This includes Data Collection (barcode scanning), Warehouse Management Solution (WMS), Advanced Manufacturing and Advanced Data Visualization. These are offered for an additional monthly subscription.
Platform Integrations Available
This includes integrations with eCommerce websites, Square POS, Field Service Management, AR Automation, and EDI. These are Integrations-as-a-Service, which means there are no up-front development costs. These are offered for an additional monthly subscription.
Up to 3 Up to 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Data Visualization Users Included
This provides your team with access to Stellar One's Standard Suite of advanced data visualizations and dashboards. If you require more users than a plan's included allotment, we offer these for an additional monthly subscription.
3 users 5 users 25 users All users
Automated Document Emailing
Configurable rules and conditions for the automated email delivery of any SAP Business One transaction to any recipient.
Mission Assurance Level
Access to the Annual Stellar One Executive Technology Briefing
This is an annual webinar hosted by the Stellar One Leadership Team. We cover all relevant technology & product road-maps, how to interpret them, and how you can leverage them to reach your business objectives.
Quarterly Platform Enhancements
You'll have access to all new & updated Stellar One Cloud Platform Extensions & Integrations. If you're subscribed to an Extension or an Integration, you'll have access to the updated feature & functionality releases for no additional cost.
Free Annual Upgrades
Upgrade to the newest version of SAP Business One ERP Software every year for free.
Net Change Education Webinars
These are webinars hosted by Stellar One to educate your team when new features & functionality are released to the platform.
Administrative Support Email Email Email & Phone Email & Phone
Platform Education
Stellar One will host a 1-on-1 session with your team to educate you on any existing platform features or functionality you're not currently using.
$200 per session
End User Monthly Check-in Webinars
These are monthly 1-on-1 sessions with Stellar One and your users, or a specific group of your users, where we answer questions, teach tips & best practices, and ensure your team is maximizing the value of the platform.
$200 per session $200 per session
Strategic Business Planning Sessions
These are in-person or remote business planning sessions with a Stellar One Solution Architect. In these sessions, we'll discuss your organizational challenges and objectives so that Stellar One can provide the support your team needs to reach your monthly/quarterly/annual goals.
$500 per session Annually Semi-Annually Quarterly
Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Solution Architect
Platform Roadmap Influence Community Voting Community Voting Roadmap Acceleration
Monthly Subscription $195/user
$ 29
Implementation Fixed-Price Promise (One-time) $35,000
Go-Live Guarantee 90 Days
120 days
150 days
180 Days
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some questions we've proactively answered. If you have a specific question that's not addressed here, just tap the chat button on this page and ask away.

  • How do I calculate the exact price for my specific company?

    Great question! We've built pricing calculator for each of the Plans we offer so that you'd be able to calculate your company's exact implementation and cloud platform subscription price without having to contact a salesperson, or even enter an email address!

    Select your Plan's calculator below:

  • Why does this seem so affordable?

    Ah, so you've either been through an ERP implementation before or you've spent time researching and talking to other ERP providers. Yes, if you've been quoted by someone else then our pricing is probably shockingly competitive.

    Simply put, our Rapid Implementation Methodology makes this possible and you can learn more it by clicking the button below.

    Learn More

  • Why does this seem so expensive?

    Well, we hope that's not how you really feel.

    But if you do, here's a few reasons why you might think that:

    • 1. You've never been through an ERP implementation before so you don't have a frame of reference for projects like this.
    • 2. You've just started exploring your ERP options and haven't seen any pricing yet (because you probably wouldn't be saying that if you have)
    • 3. You might not quite be ready for a platform like ours, or we're just too expensive for you.
    • 4. You're not calculating your project price correctly and it's probably best to talk with someone on our team.

    Book a Call

  • How long is the commitment?

    Just 1 year. After that, it renews annually. 

  • What is the Go-Live Guarantee?

    The Go-Live Guarantee means that you will be Live on SAP Business One Cloud ERP, in 90, 120, 150, or 180 days or fewer, or we'll pay for your SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software subscription until you are Live.

    Live means you're not using your old system for daily transactions anymore and SAP Business One is your new system-of-record.

    We're removing the project timeline uncertainty typically associated with a ERP software implementations.

  • What is the Fixed-Price Promise?

    The Fixed-Price Promise means that we don't offer quotes or estimates for SAP Business One Cloud ERP implementations. The Fixed-Price Promise means the price you see is the price you pay, period.

    Traditional T&M billing puts the risk on you (Time-and-Materials; goes something like, "this is our hourly rate and this is how long we think it's going to take"). But we're supposed to be the experts, we're the ones who implement ERP software every day, not you.

    So we take on the pricing risk. We'll provide you with price certainty and remove the pricing questions typically associated with ERP implementation projects. 

  • What is Mission Assurance?

    At Stellar One Consulting, we believe that the implementation of SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software is just the beginning of a long-term, value-driven partnership.  We believe your success will be heavily-dependent on your company's ability to use this technology to solve your business challenges well-beyond the implementation and into the future.

    To follow-through on that belief, we've included a comprehensive support & on-going success offering, called Mission Assurance, in your monthly Stellar One Cloud Platform Subscription. The details of what's included in each Mission Assurance plan can be found in the Plans & Pricing table above.

  • What if we've already purchased SAP Business One?

    There are a few options, but we'd really need to know more about your specific situation in order to give you the best answer.

    You can ask us using the chat on this page, or you can schedule a time to speak with someone on our team.

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