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Star Talks is the Podcast produced by Stellar One Consulting, an SAP Partner specializing in SAP Business One Cloud ERP implementations and support.


The Star Talks Podcast

The podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things

We interview entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, business professionals, and anyone with a powerful story to tell. 


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Being a Successful Female-Founder in Tech with Teresa Sellar

Teresa Sellar, the Founder of Stellar One Consulting, shares about how she overcame tall obstacles to become a successful female founder in technology.

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Building High-Performing Teams & Developing Great Products Using the Agile Methodology

Reza Karegaran, the former CIO at AutoAnything.com, talks about how he was able to cultivate a purpose-driven, principled culture in a demanding software development environment.

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Increase Cashflow by Enabling Your Staff with A/R Automation

Tom Bartolucci, Senior Vice President of Engineering at YayPay, shares his journey from building music file management & mobile video player software, to being a developer for the federal government, through to today where his team is pioneering the A/R & collections automation space. 

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The Co-Founder & CEO of Opkix

Lawrence Greaves, CEO and Co-Founder of Opkix, shares how the team assembled around you is key to being a successful entrepreneur. 

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Being the Head of IS at SpaceX with Richard Sellar

Richard Sellar, former Head of IS at SpaceX, shares how business management technology has now turned science fiction into reality. 

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Becoming a True Supply Chain Guru with Scott McKenzie

Scott McKenzie, Regional Sales Manager at DataMax Software Group, shares his expertise with working in the Supply Chain Industry. 

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How to Maximize Technology ROI through Solution Readiness with Steve King

Steve King, Managing Director at First Wave Client Solutions, shares about how a summer job working for his uncle acted as a catalyst when choosing his career path.

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