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Integrate data collection with barcode scanning to extend SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software on the Stellar One Cloud Platform

Data Collection

Increase supply chain efficiency by implementing barcode scanning into your warehouse processes

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Run a more efficient & profitable warehouse operation by extending your ERP's transaction functionality to mobile scanning devices

Powered by RFgen on the Stellar One Cloud Platform, work quickly out-of-the-box or easily adapt our barcode scanning solution to your company's unique workflows. Mobile data collection will allow your team to reduce overhead costs & mistakes, increase inventory accuracy and drive productivity.


Extend SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software with RFgen data collection on the Stellar One Cloud Platform


Meet Customer Expectations

deliver on your customer's overnight, 2-day, and free shipping requirements

Eliminate Human Error

replace manual data entry, spreadsheets and paperwork

Save Operational Costs

reduce costs, increase output with your current workforce and scale profitably

Avoid Stock-outs & Minimize Carrying Costs

gain insight on your company's current stock levels and material movement

Mobilize Inventory Storage & Handling

optimize space, improve employee efficiency, and provide exceptional customer service

Empower Your Team

increase productivity and improve workforce speed, accuracy and safety

Improve your warehouse & production team workflows, decrease COGS and drive profits

Make inventory counting great again

Using barcode scanning to match the actual inventory to the quantities saved in your database, you can simplify making adjustments to existing inventory records, detect unusual or unacceptable discrepancies, and improve inventory management

Execute inventory counts using data collection with SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software on the Stellar One Cloud Platform

Scan Barcodes & QR Codes to Receive POs

Receive goods into your warehouse, update the inventory quantities, and create an accounting journal entry with a single scan.

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Receive purchase orders with data collection and SAP Business One ERP Software on the Stellar One Cloud Platform

(Beep) Shipped. Sales Order Closed (Nice).

Have an extremely efficient warehouse workflow by enabling your team to leverage mobile data collection to fully, or partially, ship items from a Sales Order.

Partially or completely ship and close sales orders with a barcode scan in SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software on the Stellar One Cloud Platform

Data Collection Pricing

Implementation & Subscription V1


Data Collection Workflows with SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software and RFgen on the Stellar One Cloud Platform

Workflow Documentation:

Stellar One Data Collection

Extend SAP Business One's order fulfillment and inventory management functionality to mobile scanning devices. In this document, you'll find the detailed workflows we've developed to help our customers utilize data collection to facilitate more efficient warehouse management processes. These workflows can easily be adjusted to fit your unique business requirements. 


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Data Collection Helpful Content

The largest manufacturer or engraving and CNC routing systems goes paperless with Stellar One Consulting, RFgen and SAP Business One ERP Software


RFgen Case Study:

Vision Engraving & Routing Systems

With RFgen & SAP Business One in place, learn how Vision Engraving & Routing Systems could increase production without having to add as much staff, putting the company in an enviable position for growth. “RFgen will make it a whole lot easier for us to scale up for future growth. If we had doubled in size without RFgen, we would have needed to add two people just to process paperwork all day long. Now, with RFgen, no one processes paperwork. There is no ‘scale’. You just hand the production team another tablet.”


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How to find the best mobile solution to transform your digital supply chain with SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software


Buyer's Guide:

Mobile Data Collection Software

A mobile data collection solution can help streamline warehouse and supply chain processes and deliver powerful information that ties together all aspects of your operation. This Buyer's Guide includes:

  • The 8 signs that your company could benefit from implementing mobile data collection
  • The 6 considerations to have when looking for a solution provider
  • A software requirements checklist template so you can compare RFgen with other solutions


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RFgen & SAP Business One has enabled us to achieve a paperless production process, saving us tens of thousands of dollars and nearly 60,000 sheets of paper each year.
Joe Ivanenok
Vision Engraving & Routing Systems

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