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Utilize a sophisticated warehouse management solution to boost productivity with SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software on the Stellar One Cloud Platform

Warehouse Management Solution (WMS)

Use automation to drive productivity & profitability in your supply chain operations

Increase productivity and accuracy and gain instant traceability, all while being adaptable to your company's specific requirements

Produmex WMS by Boyum IT on the Stellar One Cloud Platform is a sophisticated and comprehensive warehouse management solution for SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software, designed to boost productivity and profitability in your supply chain by transforming your logistics processes into finely-tuned operations.


Process Transactions 10x Faster

execute more transactions with higher accuracy in all areas of your warehouse

Reduce Inventory & Operating Costs

streamline your processes to meet customer demands by aligning stock availability

Achieve 100% Inventory Accuracy

barcode scanning helps improve available quantity and location accuracy

Configure to Your Exact Requirements

readily adapt screens, labels and processing in your warehouse

Gain Instant Traceability

know with 100% certainty if you have the stock and where exactly it's located

Leverage Built-in or Configurable Functionality

get up-and-running on-demand or build-out a dynamic distribution process

Leverage advanced automation capabilities and deliver an on-demand customer experience

Unleash the power of warehouse automation

Set-up up robots to enable auto-replenishment of picking locations, and meet your exact requirements and complexities with robust configuration options.

Configure workflow automation with SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software and Produmex WMS on the Stellar One Cloud Platform

Make inventory traceability a competitive advantage 

See part numbers by warehouse location, quality status, inventory quantities and know the serial numbers associated with each part.

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Benefit from incredible inventory traceability with SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software and Produmex WMS on the Stellar One Cloud Platform
The fact that we can understand inventory with extreme precision gives us an incredible advantage. We now use SAP Business One to do things that our competitors aren't able to do.
Paul Beard, VP of Parts Operations
Block Imaging

You're in complete control of how to move forward

If you're ready to take the next step, you can easily schedule a personalized demo and calculate your price to implement. 


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