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Implementing an ERP System: Positioning for Success

If you run a small to midsized manufacturing or distribution business, you and your colleagues wear many hats to achieve success; as you start to grow, however, you’ll need to hire more specialized staff to focus on specific functions. While this will help your growth, it has the downside of making effective communication challenging – more people equals difficulty sharing information across departments and could make you slower to respond to competitors and changing market conditions.


Managing Your Time During an ERP Implementation

Conducting day-to-day tasks while your small or medium-sized business implements a new ERP system is a challenge that often gets overlooked. Clients who struggled with systems implementations say things such as, “It’s hard to do our day job and be part of the implementation team.” They feel that both they and their colleagues are unable to juggle the additional workload and education that comes with adopting a new system.


The value modern ERP can bring to your business is too significant to pass up, however, so here are a few ways to manage your time as you implement your new ERP system.


5 Critical Steps for a Successful ERP Implementation

Small and midsized businesses tread carefully around their decision to implement a new ERP system. After all, doing so represents a sea of change significantly streamlined operations, efficiency gains in multiple areas, saved money, and more.


4 Risks of Changing Your Current ERP System

Modern ERP systems are vastly superior to those of a decade ago and can revolutionize the way your business performs – if implemented correctly. That said, changing your ERP system comes with risks that you should address before making a change.

How to Eliminate Fear of Your Competitors with SAP Business One

Are your sales professionals worried about going head to head with one or more of your competitors when new opportunities arise? Does the mention of a specific competitor take the wind out of your sales confidence?

5 Reasons Your Future is Cloudy

Your future is cloudy, not because it’s uncertain (although it is), but rather because businesses are increasingly turning to cloud services to simplify their landscape and focus on what makes them successful.

The cloud is everywhere, including in our personal lives – our emails, photos, music, etc. live in the cloud – but some businesses cling to the idea that managing their own hardware is the way to go.

Here are 5 reasons you should run your systems in the cloud.

Could a Natural Disaster Sideline Your Business?

You’ve put time and money into your business – could an unfortunate event cause you to lose everything?

While most business owners guard against shrink and loss in the conventional sense, they rarely think about natural disasters. Depending on where you live, they might not be common, but when they do occur, natural disasters can be catastrophic in terms of data loss.

Does Your Company Take Deadlines Seriously?

The deadline. It’s a time set in stone, a point of no return.

Or is it?

Your company probably sets them, but are they stringently kept? Are they taken as seriously as the word itself implies?

The term “deadline” means “time limit,” but its origin was a bit more literal.

How to Get Your Project Across the Finish Line

You’ve set the deadline. You’ve outlined the steps to get your project done. Now you have a problem.

What do you do first? What if your motivation lags? Where do you focus when there are a million pieces of the project puzzle? What if you start strong, but end up without enough time to finish?

You can avoid all these hiccups and get your business project over the finish line every single time. Here’s how.

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