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Stellar One Consulting is an award-winning SAP ERP Software Partner

Bring us your challenges., goals., problems., aspirations., objectives., initiatives.

We are your partner.

Implement and use business management technology with a partner who truly understands you.

We put ourselves in your shoes, and the result is a new and better way. With 25+ years of experience, we're dramatically disrupting the way technology is implemented and supported.

Technology is just a tool.

The value you drive from the tool depends entirely on who you hire to implement it.

Good software is easy to find. Good teams are not.

There's a reason software publishers like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft are household names: they make great software products.

So why is there no shortage of horror stories about software implementations that fail, exceed budgets and surpass timelines?

Stellar One Consulting will deliver value with SAP Business ByDesign Cloud ERP Software

Consultants want to sell you time, not value

Their business model is structured around billing you for as much time as they can.

Finish your SAP Cloud ERP Software Implementation on time with Stellar One Consulting.

Consultants lose money when they finish early or on-time

If they finish a project early or on-time, they lose a chance to capture revenue. 

Save time and money with Stellar Consulting's rapid prototyping implementation methodology.

Consultants waste your time and money with blueprints

Your team is forced to answer questions they're not ready to answer, so the costly blueprint always needs to be changed. 

A new and better way

We've solved the common challenges and removed the uncertainties traditionally associated with ERP software implementations and ongoing enhancement.

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The Rapid-Prototyping Implementation Methodology

We don't wait until the end of the project to test your business processes in your new system. Starting in the 2nd week of the implementation project, your team will run through each of your business processes from end-to-end several times.

Instead of some arbitrary configuration from a group of consultants who barely know you, your team will have a hand in how the system is configured which leads to faster, more wide-spread adoption of the software. 

This accomplishes a few incredible things:

  1. You'll have a more precisely configured system which leads to a solution that meets your requirements on the day you go-live.
  2. You'll realize value from your system more rapidly which leads to a greater rate-of-return and turns your ERP software into a cash-flow positive asset.
  3. You're not paying for a consultant's time, you're paying for value delivered to your organization. Your implementation will be done on a guaranteed timeline, and your project pricing is fixed!
Implement SAP Cloud ERP Software using the Rapid Prototyping Methodology with Stellar One Consulting

The Fixed-Price Promise

When a supplier gives you a quote with their hourly rate and an estimated number of hours to complete the project, they have put the risk of a budget overrun on you.

They do this all day, everyday. Shouldn't they know how much it costs?

Yes, they should.

We certainly do. So the price you see, is the price you pay to complete the project. Period. 

We don't sell time. We deliver value.

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Get a Fixed-Price Promise for your SAP Cloud ERP Software Implementation with Stellar One Consulting

The Go-Live Guarantee

You should know when you're going live, but too often projects fail, and become too costly, because they far surpass their project timeline.

We eliminate this uncertainty by offering our Go-Live Guarantee. That means you're live on, or before, your go-live date, or we'll pay for your software licenses until you are.

Trust us, we don't want to pay for your licenses. So the financial stability of our organization is aligned with our promise to implement and get your company live on your new system.

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The Go-Live Guarantee for SAP Cloud ERP Software Implementation by Stellar One Consulting

Have operational visibility where there usually is none

Turn guesses into solutions. You'll finally have the live insights you need to confidently solve inefficiencies, scale effective processes and make better, faster decisions for your company. 

Explore the Solution

Have unprecedented views of your employee actiity in SAP Cloud ERP Software with Stellar One Consulting

Hitchhikers Header V.2This eBook is not so that we can sell you software or convince you to hire us. You’ll notice throughout the eBook that we don’t advocate for any specific software, and that’s by design. This resource was created to help you and your team, nothing else.

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Build your Business Case-1Learn how to crack the code to get your valuable projects going, earn buy-in from the rest of your organization and see them successfully through to implementation.

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Stellar One Consulting will partner with you to implement SAP Cloud ERP Software.
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SAP ERP Software Users

SMBs running SAP ERP Software

Trent Giffin says that Stellar One Consulting has used SAP Business One ERP Software to help Air Comm.
Stellar One Consulting has been providing us with outstanding SAP implementation services and support for years. Without their guidance, we wouldn't be using the system as effectively as we are today.
Trent Giffin
CEO at Air Comm
Humberto credits Lumitron's ability to manufacture their products to SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software and Stellar One Consulting.
SAP eliminates manual processes so we can properly track parts and projects throughout the entire manufacturing process.
Humberto Maldonado
CFO at Lumitron X-Rays
Paul Beard says that Block Imaging's inventory management is a competitive advantage with SAP Business One ERP Software and Stellar One Consulting
The fact that we can understand our inventory with extreme precision give us an incredible advantage. We now use SAP to do things that our competitors aren't able to do.
Paul Beard
VP of Parts Operations at Block Imaging