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Experience a Digital Transformation: maximize efficiency and make data-driven decisions.

Simplifying your SAP Business One implementation & support experience so that you can digitally transform your business processes and blast beyond your competitors.

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Which ERP implementation black hole are you trying to avoid? 

Implementing an ERP system can be a transformational process. We get it. We love doing it. But with any software implementation, things can go very wrong. The importance of choosing the right partner cannot be overstated. You can't afford to get lost in space.

Going Over Budget

You either can't develop a predictable implementation budget, or you're already over budget and your current partner just sent another invoice.

Learn about The Fixed-Price Promise

Missing Launch Date

Deadlines are not set to be missed, so why does it happen so frequently? Missing system launch dates is like setting a pile of cash on fire, no one has time for that.

Check out The 90-Day Go-Live Guarantee

Mission Failure

You're looking for an SAP Partner, or you're not happy with your current partner, and you believe you need something different. The system should be making your company perform at a higher-level, but it hasn't happened yet.

Learn about Stellar Mission Assurance

The Stellar Success Stack

When your SAP Business One implementation is successful, your company becomes a well-oiled, money-making machine. But that's just the beginning; you can outpace, outmaneuver, and outlast your competition by personalizing your system to sustain your unique needs as you grow.

  • Predict cost precisely with our Fixed-Price Promise.
  • Implement and Go-Live in 90 days or less, guaranteed.
  • Secure on-going success with Mission Assurance Plans.
See The Stellar Success Stack
Stellar One Consulting simplfies the SAP Business One implementation process with The Stellar Success Stack.

Here are some of our numbers

We don't like to talk about ourselves too much, because it's really about you, but we are good at what we do. In fact, we believe that we are the best. Our beliefs have manifested themselves in some of these ways.

ERP Consulting Since
Client Retention Rate %
High-fives Given

Latest from The Stellar Blog

We create content with your success in mind, and at heart. Our aim is to provide you easy access to helpful and actionable information. 

Some have taken notice

We do what we say. Here are some people who've seen what we do, and this is what they say.

"They've brought amazing knowledge of SAP Business One"

Charlie Postins, Co-founder at The Honest Kitchen

"Stellar One Consulting has kept our SAP Business One platform running smoothly. As we've grown, they've brought amazing knowledge of SAP Business One to enhance our system and guide us in the selection, development, and implementation of a sophisticated eCommerce platform."

"Changing the way we do business"

Ruben Arslanian, VP of Operations at NATco Global

"Tableau and Stellar One Consulting are changing the way we do business. We now have the ability to analyze data and make decisions more quickly than ever."

"Outstanding SAP Business One implementation services and support"

Trent Giffin, CEO at AirComm

"Stellar One Consulting has been providing us with outstanding SAP Business One implementation services and support for years. Without their guidance, we wouldn't be using the system as effectively as we are today."

"Trust, reliability, and experience are key elements"

KC Holiday, President at QALO

“I can’t stress the importance of choosing the right partner to guide you through the implementation of an ERP system. I’ve found that trust, reliability and experience are key elements in that partner, and QALO found all of those in the Stellar One Team. I would highly recommend them, and have truly valued their role in helping our organization.”  

Advanced Data Visualization Packs by Stellar One Consulting make you really good at making decisions.

Make better decisions. Way, way faster.

Unlock your company's potential by gaining insights with deep and actionable data. But having the data isn't enough; numbers by themselves aren't great story-tellers. With our Data Visualization Packs, you'll have the visibility you need to make fast, intelligent business decisions.

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No more guessing, no more uncertainty. If you're ready, take the next step. We'd love to meet you.

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