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SAP Business One Implemented in Just 77 Days 

Customer Case Study: Lumitron Technologies


Lumitron Technologies Inc, an x-ray system manufacturer, based in Irvine, California began their search for an ERP solution a month into operations. Lumitron Technologies needed a solution that possessed robust accounting, finance and manufacturing functions that could also be implemented in short-time frame with a go-live date guarantee, so they contacted us!

About Lumitron Technologies

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Lumitron Technologies Inc, a x-ray and laser manufacturing corporation based in Irvine, California and was established to develop and market unique x­‐ray systems. The innovative technology has introduced new capabilities such as advanced imaging and ultra­‐low dose radiography.

Lumitron is pioneering a new line of high-energy machinery and their technology is currently marketed to hospitals and research spaces.

Lumitron Technologies is conceived and developed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and they hold exclusive commercial development rights to these technologies.

Before Stellar One Consulting

Not even a month into operation and Lumitron Technologies recognized they needed a new solution to run their business processes. Previously, Lumitron had run their back office functions on QuickBooks. The accounting software package helped Lumitron tackle basic accounting and finance functions on an easy-to-use platform.

However, Lumitron needed to establish an auditable finance and accounting system for an IPO, lay a foundation to scale production, effectively manage products and produce machinery.

Lumitron Technologies knew an ERP solution was necessary.

The Pain Points

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Lumitron lacked an auditable accounting and finance system, manufacturing solution to scale production and needed to deploy a solution in an infrastructure that was secure for highlysensitive information and scalable. Lumitron Technologies needed a solution that possessed robust accounting , finance and manufacturing functions that could also be implemented in short-time frame with a go-live date guarantee.

The Solution — Stellar One & SAP Business One

Stellar One Consulting provided support and implemented the SAP Business One platform in 77 Days. The implementation provided Lumitron Technologies with the tools they need in order to expand rapidly, customize accordingly, and fulfill current and future business goals.

The Buyers Journey with Stellar One

Lumitron Technologies conducted a search to find potential ERP Solutions that would support current and future needs. After deciding SAP Business One was the desired solution, Lumitron met with NetSuite and Stellar One Consulting to explore implementation strategies, costs and relationships. Lumitron chose Stellar One Consulting because they provided a road map of operations from start to finish with a fixed price, guaranteed timeline and nearby location.

Initially, Lumitron Technologies wanted to pursue an on-premise solution for security reasons. After vetting the cloud host, Lumitron opted to continue using a cloud platform.

When asked about the experience Lumitron faced with Stellar One Consulting, Humberto Maldonado, CFO at Lumitron Technologies, highlighted that they “provided good customer service by quick responses, executed plans well, and upheld requirements and promises.” Stellar One Consulting breaks down the implementation/ support experience and implementation phases benefits/modules.

"What you said would happen, DID happen.” –Humberto Maldonado, CFO, Lumitron Technologies

Growth & Success with Stellar One Consulting

The first phase of the implementation was configuring the standard modules such as administration, financials, banking, fixed assets, business partners, inventory management and purchasing. As Humberto becomes more familiar with the system, he says “I’ve found tools that I couldn’t have found in QuickBooks.” Stellar One Consulting was able to provide Lumitron with an auditable accounting system that provides them with as much or as little detail as needed. Humberto also stated, “The differentiator with SAP is that it makes you fix problems correctly, you can’t just delete something you posted, you must do it the right way, every time.” SAP Business One provides traceability when entries are made so users can reference each step taken while keeping changes unified throughout the system.

The second phase of the implementation was laying a foundation for Lumitron’s manufacturing process to scale production. With an inhouse manufacturing facility, instead of producing one or two machines a year, Lumitron has confidence that SAP Business One will enable them to produce 50+ machines per year.

By providing a fixed cost, guaranteed time-line, detailed implementation and support road map, Stellar One Consulting was able to provide Lumitron with a solution in 77 days. Lumitron Technologies new solution now provides a foundation they can use to fulfill current and future goals.

Future Relationship with Stellar One

(implementation + support + ongoing success)

While Lumitron’s business journey has just begun, Stellar One Consulting will continue to support Lumitron Technologies. Lumitron has the upmost confidence in their newly implemented solution and partner. Finally, Lumitron is excited to leverage technology to disrupt their market and take their business to the next level.