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SAP Business One Cloud ERP Implementation Price & Subscription Calculator

Cloud ERP Implementation Price & Subscription Calculator

The days of unpredictable, less-than-transparent cloud ERP implementation pricing are over

Personalize an SAP Business One Cloud ERP Implementation for Your Company

We developed this pricing calculator so that you'd be able to calculate your implementation and cloud platform subscription pricing without having to contact a salesperson, or even enter an email address!

If you'd like us to convert your pricing calculation into a written proposal, we need to learn more about your company and specific requirements. If that works for you, please just click the button below to schedule a call.


Meet, Greet & Requirements Discovery Call

Watch this helpful video tutorial to learn how to use the calculator.

Only_Price Calcualtor Tutorial



Calculate your price to implement SAP Business One Cloud ERP in this section of the calculator.

Cloud ERP Implementation

Price $2500

Year 1 Users

Your implementation pricing is based on the total number of SAP Business One Cloud ERP and Advanced Functionality Users by the end of the first year. Example: Stark Industries' implementation price was $45,000. They went live with 15 users, and ended the year with 18 total users, so their implementation price calculation is 18 users x $2,500. (NOTE: Implementation pricing is based on a minimum of 10 users across SAP Business One Cloud ERP & Advanced Functionality. For fewer than 10 users please schedule a "Meet, Greet & Requirements Discovery Call")


Additional Locations

Price $5000

Add. Locations

The first location is included in your implementation price.


Additional Legal Entities

Price $5000

Add. Entities

The first legal entity is included in your implementation price.


Cloud ERP Implementation - Fixed-Price Promise

Once your requirements are validated by someone on our team, we'll provide a written offer for your company's SAP Business One Cloud ERP implementation with the Stellar One Fixed-Price Promise (not an estimate or a quote!) and a 90-Day Go-Live Guarantee. To validate your requirements, get a Personalized Demo, and turn your implementation price into a written proposal, schedule a "Meet, Greet & Requirements Discovery Call" at the bottom of this page.


Calculate your Stellar One Cloud Platform Subscription in this section, including your SAP Business One ERP users. And if you require them, you'll be able to include your company's Advanced Functionality, Stellar One Extensions, and Integrations subscription.

SAP Business One Cloud ERP

Monthly $225


This subscription is your SAP Business One on SAP HANA all-access-pass, giving the user all the functionality that the digital core has to offer: from Accounting to Sales and Purchasing, from Inventory Management to Production and Material Requirements Planning, and from Project Management to Service Management. This also includes Mission Assurance, which is your on-going maintenance, support, and strategic planning. (*THIS IS THE ONLY STELLAR ONE CLOUD PLATFORM SUBSCRIPTION YOU'RE REQUIRED TO HAVE)


Data Collection - 1st user

Monthly $250

1st User

ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITY - Run a more efficient & profitable warehouse operation by extending your ERP's transaction functionality to mobile scanning devices, the first user subscription covers the required server and test environment.


Data Collection - All other users

Monthly $65


ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITY - Work quickly out-of-the-box or easily adapt our barcode scanning solution to your company's unique workflows. Automated mobile data collection will allow your team to reduce overhead costs & mistakes, increase inventory accuracy, and drive productivity.


Warehouse Management Solution (WMS)

Monthly $110


ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITY - A sophisticated and comprehensive warehouse management solution for SAP Business One, designed to boost productivity and profitability in your supply chain by transforming your logistics processes into finely-tuned operations.


Advanced Manufacturing

Starting at $77


ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITY - Target efficiency, innovate to cope with increasing order volume & product variations, and rapidly develop & distribute new products.


Advanced Data Visualization

Starting at $30


ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITY - Blend data from a multitude of sources and leverage a suite of pre-built, mobile-friendly dashboards.



Monthly $100


STELLAR ONE EXTENSION - Leverage the ability to shop for freight rates, print shipping and return labels, capture tracking numbers, validate delivery addresses, and analyze shipping costs & profitability for your UPS & FedEx shipments without ever leaving your SAP Business One Cloud ERP system.



Monthly $100


STELLAR ONE EXTENSION - Integrate DocuSign with SAP Business One so you can execute your workflows faster by sending out any transactional document for electronic signature, like sales orders, purchase orders and service agreements.


Automated Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation - 1st account is free

Monthly $25

Add. Accounts

STELLAR ONE EXTENSION - Auto-download real-time financial transactions, auto-match to existing transactions in SAP Business One based on pre-defined criteria, and transaction coding, categorization, and Chart of Accounts mapping suggestions.



Monthly $100


INTEGRATION - Integrate Amazon or your eCommerce website and provide your shoppers with real-time inventory counts and availability, automatically enter orders into your cloud ERP, have integrated order tracking and a unified customer record, and have visibility into errors and remediation.


Point-of-Sale (POS)

Monthly $100


INTEGRATION - Square Point of Sale provides an intuitive order and payment flow process which makes your POS transactions a snap. Effortlessly manage customers and gain end-to-end visibility into your entire business with an integration with SAP Business One Cloud ERP.


Field Service Management

Monthly $100


INTEGRATION - FieldAware extends the value of SAP Business One Cloud ERP to solve the most challenging issues facing field service operations including scheduling & dispatch, work order management, project completion workflows, and personalized dashboards & reporting.


A/R & Collections Automation

Starting at $500


INTEGRATION - Leverage automated collections workflows, provide an intuitive, feature-rich CRM for an unlimited amount of users on your team, and empower your customers to make payments and access all relevant documents through a self-service portal.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Starting at $995


INTEGRATION - Gain the ability to seamlessly format your EDI transactions to match your trading partners' requirements, reducing manual data-entry expenses and costly charge-backs


Stellar One Cloud Platform - Monthly Subscription

SAP Business One Cloud ERP is the only subscription you're required to have. Any Advanced Functionality, Integrations or Extensions subscriptions are dependent on your company's specific business requirements. If you need help determining what's best for you, please schedule a "Meet, Greet & Requirements Discovery Call" below.

"But you don't know anything about our business," you exclaim.

Yes, this is true. But you know something about us. We've shown you our solutions and pricing, so the next step is clear. 

If you'd like to discuss your requirements in more detail with someone from our team, get a personalized demo of our platform, and convert the project you've calculated here into a written proposal with our Fixed-Price Promise & 90-Day Go-Live Guarantee, then schedule a call on the calendar below.



Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some questions we've proactively answered. If you have a specific question that's not addressed here, just tap the chat button on this page and ask away.
  • How do I know if I'm calculating my project correctly?

    Well, you might be pretty close. It really depends on how well you understand what you need. This typically is determined by the amount of time you've been researching ERP and business management software solutions.

    If you've spent some time exploring the solutions on our site, then you've probably got a good idea. If you set-up a call with us, we can help sort it out for you.


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  • Why does this seem so affordable?

    Ah, so you've either been through an ERP implementation before or you've spent time researching and talking to other ERP providers. Yes, if you've been quoted by someone else then our pricing is probably shockingly competitive.

    In a nutshell, our Rapid Implementation Methodology makes this possible and you can learn more it by clicking the button below.


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  • Why does this seem so expensive?

    Well, we hope that's not how you really feel.

    But if you do, here's a few reasons why you might think that:

    • 1. You've never been through an ERP implementation before so you don't have a frame of reference for projects like this.
    • 2. You've just started exploring your ERP options and haven't seen any pricing yet (because you probably wouldn't be saying that if you have)
    • 3. You might not quite be ready for a platform like ours, or we're just too expensive for you.
    • 4. You're not calculating your project price correctly and it's probably best to talk with someone on our team.


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  • How long is the commitment?
    Just 1 year. After that, it renews annually.
  • What's the Fixed-Price Promise?

    The Fixed-Price Promise means that we don't offer quotes or estimates for SAP Business One Cloud ERP implementations. The Fixed-Price Promise means the price you see is the price you pay, period.

    Traditional T&M billing puts the risk on you (Time-and-Materials; goes something like, "this is our hourly rate and this is how long we think it's going to take"). But we're supposed to be the experts, we're the ones who implement ERP software every day, not you.

    So we take on the pricing risk. We'll provide you with price certainty and remove the pricing questions typically associated with ERP implementation projects. 

  • What's the 90-Day Go-Live Guarantee?

    The 90-Day Go-Live Guarantee means that you will be Live on SAP Business One Cloud ERP or we'll pay for your SAP Business One Cloud ERP subscription until you are Live. Again, we're removing the project timeline question that's usually associated with an ERP implementation (being Live means you're not using your old system for daily transactions anymore and SAP Business One is your new system-of-record).

  • What if we're already using SAP Business One?

    There are a few options, but we'd really need to know more about your specific situation in order to give you the best answer.

    You can ask us using the chat on this page, or you can schedule a time to speak with someone on our team.


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