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Powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality with SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software on the Stellar One Cloud Platform

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Ensure the needs of your leads, vendors and customers are met & get issues resolved quickly

Manage your customer, vendor and partner relationships at the highest-level 

Delight your customers by knowing where you stand with a centralized source-of-truth for your relationships. Your team will be equipped to deliver a world-class experience to your customers by providing responsive and accurate information.

Have More Valuable Conversations

store detailed customer information for whomever might need it

Enable Your Team with Accurate Information

display information about all activities recorded in the platform

Manage Promotional Campaigns

plan, execute and track omni-channel marketing campaigns

Track Sales Pursuits

schedule meetings, assign tasks, create sales quotes and generate orders

Cultivate Better Relationships

manage negotiations, activities, documents and correspondence

Recognize Pipeline Revenue 

run reports and gain insights into your in-progress, won and lost opportunities 

Centralize and connect all related data, transactions, documents, activities and reports

Customer 360 View

Customer 360 helps your users analyze the data for each of your customers. The portal departs into four areas: General, Sales, Logistics and Receivables.


Analyze every data point with Customer 360 in SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software on the Stellar One Cloud Platform

Know your numbers with precision

Better reporting data enables your team leaders to make more resourceful and effective decisions, ultimately rewarding your company with customer loyalty and profitability.
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Enable your Sales Managers with pipeline reports in SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software on the Stellar One Cloud Platform

Have a smarter sales process

Monitor information on potential sales volumes, update the progress of negotiations and analyze stages of the sales process.

Analyze the opportunities in your pipeline by stage in SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software on the Stellar One Cloud Platform
In our case, SAP Business One worked great for handling our unique business needs. We were able to construct, deconstruct, and reassemble our products to meet consumer demand. SAP Business One is great for companies that are looking for a centralized place to store their data, and provide reliable, audit-able, transaction data.
Jose Arreola, Finance Manager
United Scope

Demo the CRM functionality & more

If you're interested in seeing how the CRM functionality, and other features, can help you solve your business challenges, let us configure a personalized demo for your company.


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