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Advanced Data Visualization Packs

Visualize Your Way Towards Better Decision-Making

We've created function-focused data visualization dashboards for every mission critical business unit. Data Visualization Packs are an affordable way to turn every data set, from any source, into a compelling, actionable insight that will help accelerate your daily profitability.

Tableau Viewer
per user / month

View & interact with visualizations & dashboards created by others

Download visualizations as images (or as the summary data)

Receive email subscriptions and data-driven alerts for visualizations & reports

Monthly subscription (no long-term contracts)

Stellar One Standard Data Visualization Pack for SAP Business One Included

Tableau Explorer
per user / month

Explorer Users get all the features of Viewer Users plus:

Build, subscribe to, and share visualizations & reports from trusted data sources.

Talk to & Explore your data using Tableau's natural language "Ask Data" interface

Tableau Creator
per user / month

Creator Users get all the features of Explorer Users plus:

Create and publish new data sources

Install a desktop version of Tableau Desktop & Tableau Prep

Custom Visualization Scenarios
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This option is for you if you're:

- Not sure what you need

- Want personalized or customized visualizations

- Want to visualize data from sources outside of SAP Business One (e.g. Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, eCommerce platforms, distributor sell-through data, etc.)

Discern Your Company Data Deeply

No more fussing around with a rudimentary understanding of the numbers. Your days of trying to wrestle insights out of inflexible, static tables and graphs are over. 

With a visualization fashioned for every position in your company, your team will be much, much smarter.

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