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Optimize your company’s inventory management processes with SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software on the Stellar One Cloud Platform

Inventory Management

Your inventory will now automatically update in real-time as each business transaction happens

Manage the life-cycle of all inventory items you purchase, manufacture, sell & store in real-time

Optimize your inventory processes by managing all your end-to-end inventory transactions from goods receipt, inventory transfers, quantity settings and inventory counts. With a fully-integrated pick-pack-and-ship process, easily work with serial and batch numbers, and manage price lists, including period and volume discounts. and other special pricing.

Warehouse Location Tracking

organize & accelerate the processing of receipts and issues with warehouse locations

Total Traceability

use batch & serial numbers to track and report on unique data for specific items 

Dynamic Inventory Audit Reports

view & drill-down into the full history of every transaction that impacts item balances

Correct Records & Identify Flaws 

gain better control over certain critical or high-value items with integrated cycle counting

Easily Re-value Your Inventory

update item prices, re-valuate your stock, and create journal entries accordingly

Intelligent Order Fulfillment

automate what inventory locations to pick from & prioritize what orders to fulfill

Your inventory management is no longer a liability, it's your competitive advantage

Inventory that continuously updates. Automatically.

As sales, purchasing, production & warehouse transactions happen, your perpetual inventory system automates a highly-detailed view of changes with real-time reporting of the amount of inventory in stock, and accurately reflects the level of goods on-hand.

Always have a clear visibility with a perpetual inventory management system in SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software on the Stellar One Cloud Platform

Easily track inventory movements between warehouses

If you have multiple warehouses across the country, or if you want the ability to manage multiple warehouses, Inventory Transfer Requests & Inventory Transfers are completed with a few clicks.

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Track inventory movements between warehouses in SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software on the Stellar One Cloud Platform

Organize & automate order processing

The Pick-and-Pack Manager lets you automate the processing of sales orders, A/R reserve invoices, production orders, and inventory transfers in an orderly way, from the creation of pick lists up to packing items for shipment with delivery documents.


Automate sales order processing in SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software on the Stellar One Cloud Platform
SAP Business One is currently being used for inventory tracking, cost analysis, production scheduling, billing both AR and AP and purchasing. We track inventory tracking down to the box. It keeps track of every box - from the moment it is received into inventory to the moment it is shipped out.
Jose Casillas, Master Scheduler
Crescent Foods

Inventory management is an easy place to get quick wins with SAP Business One, implementing barcode scanning makes it even faster.

Learn more about the benefits of implementing mobile data collection with barcode scanning, and calculate your company's price to implement.


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