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SAP Business One Implementations

Which implementation black hole are you trying to avoid? 

Implementing ERP software can be a transformational process. We get it. We love doing it. But with any software implementation, things can go very wrong. The importance of choosing the right partner cannot be overstated. You can't afford to get lost in space.

Problem: Going Over Budget

You either can't develop a predictable implementation budget, or you're already over budget and your current partner just sent another invoice.

Solution: Fixed-Price Promise

The price in the proposal we present to you is fixed. It's not a guess, it's not an estimate. It's a Fixed-Price Promise; the all-inclusive price of getting your team live on SAP Business One.

Problem: Missing Launch Date

Deadlines are not set to be missed, so why does it happen so frequently? Missing system launch dates is like setting a pile of cash on fire, no one has time for that.

Solution: 90-Day Go-Live Guarantee

We guarantee that you'll be live with SAP Business One in 90 days from the start of your implementation or Stellar One Consulting will pay for your team's cloud licenses until you are.

Problem: Mission Failure

You're looking for the right SAP Partner to implement and support your system. The old way of implementing ERP systems might not even allow us to test your company's business processes once in 90 days!

Solution: Rapid Prototyping

Our Rapid Prototyping Methodology ensures that your business processes are tested and optimized in the system end-to-end several times before going live! 

Wondering what an implementation with us is like?

The Real Episode 3


How does the pricing work?

Episode 2

Reasons why we're chosen.

Selecting the right SAP Business One implementation partner is a critically important milestone on your journey towards using ERP technology to help your company run smarter. We know you're taking it really seriously, so we thought we'd share some of the reasons our customers love working with us. 

We're seasoned and experienced. Our Solution Architects & Consultants bring 25+ years of ERP implementation success to the table.
We don't make estimates. We provide ERP implementations with an unrivaled level of cost control with our Fixed-Price Promise.
Our implementation methodology affords us the ability to move swiftly and effectively, that's how we're able to offer The 90-Day Go-Live Guarantee for SAP Business One.
Our customers love the "teacher approach" we bring to the partnership. We make you the champion of your system, we don't position ourselves to bill you for things that your team can do themselves.
Our commitment to your ongoing success, well after Business One implementation, is unrelenting. This is best evidenced by our Mission Assurance Plans 
Our values drive our actions! Our core values are to be nice people who are collaborative and adaptable, and to maintain our stellar reputation through the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Move towards something better.

Step #1 - Learn more about each other.

Schedule a call so we can understand your current goals and challenges, and evaluate our fit as your partner.


Step #2 - Let us build a personal demo just for you.

We'll customize your software demo by configuring at least one core function of your business within a demo environment, then we'll show you exactly how your company would use the software to solve your current challenges.

Step #3 - Let us present our final solution to you over lunch, on our dime.

We'll treat your team to a catered lunch so that we can meet face-to-face, or over video conference, and discuss moving forward with a partnership. 

Take the next step towards a digital transformation with Stellar One Consulting.

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