Why Stellar One Consulting is Different

At Stellar One Consulting we pride ourselves in how well we understand SAP Business One. Our deep understanding of the software allows us to focus on helping you translate your business needs into improved business performance. However, companies don't implement ERP software to become better at doing transactions. There is more to the story.


We realize that SAP Business One is extremely important as a means of automating and standardizing your business processes. The software is just a means to an end. Ultimately you need to use your ERP platform as a way to provide information for decision-making and visibility to your business. We don't just offer to sell and implement ERP software with you. Our focus in on getting beyond the ERP system to real-time, mobile, accurate, meaningful data visualization and data-driven decision-making. This is how you will run your business more effectively.


Without a solid understanding of how your business works and the ability to communicate effectively with you, the best software in the world won’t help you achieve your goals. Our objective is to combine our decades of software implementation experience and common sense approach to implementation with the knowledge you have of your business to provide the best solution for you and your business the first time, every time.