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Integrate data collection with barcode scanning to extend SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software on the Stellar One Cloud Platform

Unrivaled Level of Visibility

Meet Chassi, an Operational Visibility Solution, and see your company's performance like never before.

Gain unrivaled visibility with Chassi and Stellar One Consulting

You do not have an operations tool like this

Powered by Chassi on the Stellar One Cloud Platform, you'll finally have the live insights you need to confidently solve inefficiencies, scale effective processes and make better, faster decisions for you company. 


Watch a Product Overview

Performance Insights

keep a second-by-second pulse on team and employee performance insights

Reduce Re-work

with a detailed timeline of every click, even if the activity isn't saved in your ERP software

Optimize for Efficiency

continuously improve by getting notifications the moment a problem occurs

Empower Your Team

elevate your team's performance and outcomes with actionable intelligence in a curated dashboard

Know Your Processes Better

see exactly how much time and effort it takes to serve your customers

What's actually getting done? Just take a look.

See exactly what it takes to serve your customers

Reduce rework with visibility into any activity for your customers as it’s logged live within 3-6 seconds on dedicated pages for them. With this, you can see how much effort goes into supporting each customer and who is working with them the most. 


Unlock your team's potential

Find high performers, understand their process and then coach the rest of the team to level up with the employee page. You can quickly see how much progress they’re making, they’re latest activity and how productive they are by looking at how many documents added versus abandoned and how their activity compares to their average. Plus, use the activity stream to retrace steps to find any issues and fix them fast without any lost time.

Gain unprecedented visibility into your employee performance using SAP Cloud ERP Software with Chassi and Stellar One Consulting

Know exactly what happens, when it happens

Say goodbye to stacks of sticky note reminders. With notifications, you tell Chassi what you want to keep an eye on, and you’ll get alerted when anything changes or updates for that specific customer, document or employee.  

Be notified of key operational milestones in SAP Cloud ERP Software with Chassi & Stellar One Consulting

Watch the latest Chassi Product Overview Video

With the rapid progress we're rolling out, we’ll be posting videos so you can follow along as our product evolves into the essential tool for your business. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and make-shift dashboards, the employee and team operational performance insights you’ve been waiting for have arrived.

I’m a huge process person, so just by looking at Chassi, I can tell if people are following process or not. I like that it gives me the full picture, so I can better format my training and better format my constructive criticism as far as showing exactly how they're doing it and how others are doing it more accurately and quicker.
Tai Roach
General Manager, Air Comm
Chassi lets you see aspects of work and aspects of the ERP that were hard to track before, but now Chassi makes them accessible and visual, and it’s very helpful in that way.
Conor Giffin
Logistics Manager, Air Comm