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The Stellar Success Stack

Our Fixed-Price Promise

The days of uncertainty surrounding Business One implementations are over. Predict your price perfectly; a Fixed-Price Promise means the price we propose is the price you pay to go live, period.

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The 90-Day Go-Live Guarantee

No more aiming for a target with your eyes closed hoping you'll hit it. With our 90-Day Go-Live Guarantee, you'll know exactly when to expect your company's launch to the next level.

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Mission Assurance Plans

The fate of your ERP performance relies on your ability to leverage new technology, and make adjustments when necessary. A Mission Assurance Plan secures the support you need for victory.

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Stellar One Consulting's Fixed-Price Promise ensures cost certainty for your SAP Business One Implementation.

Our Fixed-Price Promise

The price in the proposal we present to you is fixed. It's not a guess, it's not an estimate. It's a Fixed-Price Promise; the all-inclusive price of getting your team live on SAP Business One. In order to prepare a Fixed-Price Promise for you, let's start-off with a Discovery call so our team can evaluate your implementation.

Stellar One Consulting's 90-Day Go-Live Guarantee provides your SAP Business One launch a great deal of confidence.The 90-Day Go-Live Guarantee

Accompanying your Fixed-Price Promise is Stellar One's 90-Day Go-Live Guarantee. So not only will you be able to predict implementation costs with precision, but you'll know the exact timeline for your team to go live with Business One. We guarantee that you'll be live with SAP Business One in 90 days from the start of your implementation or Stellar One Consulting will pay for your team's cloud licenses until you are.

Stellar One Consulting's Mission Assurance Plans secure your ongoing success with SAP Business One.Mission Assurance Plans

The Stellar Success Stack is made perfect by providing you with a plan to secure your ongoing success after SAP Business One has been implemented. A Mission Assurance Plan will establish your control of IT support costs while your company continues to optimize performance and provide the agility you'll need to execute system adjustments as your company grows.

Reasons why we're chosen.

Selecting the right SAP Business One implementation partner is a critically important milestone on your journey towards using ERP technology to help your company run smarter. We know you're taking it really seriously, so we thought we'd share some of the reasons our customers love working with us. 

We're seasoned and experienced. Our Solution Architects & Consultants bring 25+ years of ERP implementation success to the table.
We don't make estimates. We provide ERP implementations with an unrivaled level of cost control with our Fixed-Price Promise. 
Our implementation methodology affords us the ability to move swiftly and effectively, that's how we're able to offer The 90-Day Go-Live Guarantee for SAP Business One.
Our customers love the "teacher approach" we bring to the partnership. We make you the champion of your system, we don't position ourselves to bill you for things that your team can do themselves.
Our commitment to your ongoing success, well after Business One implementation, is unrelenting. This is best evidenced by our Mission Assurance Plans 
Our values drive our actions! Our core values are to be nice people who are collaborative and adaptable, and to maintain our stellar reputation through the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Let our team buy lunch for your team.

Step #1 - Learn more about each other

Schedule a call so we can understand your current goals and challenges, and evaluate your SAP Business One implementation in greater depth.

Step #2 - Customize your Stellar Success Stack

We'll customize your company's Stellar Success Stack based on what suits your current needs perfectly, and then we'll present it to you. 

Step #3 - Enjoy lunch on our dime

We'll treat your team to a catered lunch so that we can meet face-to-face, or over video conference, and discuss more about how great a partnership together would be! 

Stellar One Consulting wants to discuss a partnership and your SAP Business One Implementation over lunch.

We're obsessed with helping our customers reach their goals.

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