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How to Get Your Project Across the Finish Line

You’ve set the deadline. You’ve outlined the steps to get your project done. Now you have a problem.

What do you do first? What if your motivation lags? Where do you focus when there are a million pieces of the project puzzle?

 What if you start strong, but end up without enough time to finish?

You can avoid all these hiccups and get your business project over the finish line every single time. Here’s how.

How to Get Your Project Over the Finish Line On Time, Every Time

Deadlines are notoriously tricky to stick to. Be serious about your finish line, and follow these steps to make sure you hit it every time, no matter the project.

1. Prioritize

In order to finish your project, you have to prioritize what needs doing. This means focusing on the most pressing tasks and finishing them first. As you complete these, the next steps become clearer, according to Fast Company .

2. Be Realistic about Your Project Finish Line

In order to meet goals, you have to be realistic about them. What will it really take to get them done? Don’t hedge – figure out the resources you’ll need from the very beginning. Understand exactly what you need to do to cross the finish line.

3. Accept Imperfectionsfinish line, business team, race.jpg

If you can’t accept imperfections, you’ll never finish. Sometimes, it’s more important to get things up and running rather than perfect every single imperfection, or solve every tiny problem.

This goes hand-in-hand with being realistic. If you can’t accept minor flaws, you’ll never complete any project. You have to be able to step back and stop fiddling at some point.

4. Have an Accountability Partner

Goals are easier to complete if you have someone else there to support you.

An accountability partner can advise you and keep you on task when you start going off the rails. They’ll help remind you of the importance of the deadline. That’s vital for accomplishing any major goal.

Nail Your Deadline and Your Goals

Getting your project over the finish line isn’t rocket science. It merely takes determination, seriousness, realistic expectations, and strategy.

You can avoid distractions and hone your focus for an outstanding outcome. With the right mindset, you can meet your deadline every time.

Richard Sellar

President at Stellar One Consulting

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