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How we successfully implement ERP software for SME's

The key to a successful SAP Business One implementation is to begin testing your business processes in the system as quickly as possible.

Phase 1: Design Solution

The first step is to understand your business processes and gather your exact system requirements so that our team can design a solution that fits your company’s specific needs.

During this phase we'll do your initial system set-up and configuration, and import your data into SAP Business One. This means your accounting data, like your chart of accounts, your item and pricing lists, and your customer, vendor & supplier lists.

The idea is to get your system testing environment up quickly, so we can start working through your business processes in the system.


Phase 2: Rapid Prototyping

During this phase we'll run-through and test your entire business process in SAP for the first time. That means from a sales order to an incoming payment, and from procurement to an outgoing payment.

Then we'll make changes and resolve any issues that arise.

Then we’ll run through your entire business process, end-to-end, a second time.

Whatever issues that arise during the second run through get resolved, and any necessary changes are made.

By this point, things are running rather smoothly.

But to make sure, we run through your entire business process a third time so that all issues have been flushed out and your business processes have been set.

This is the perfect time to educate your team on how to use the system, because all the issues have been flushed out and your business processes have been set.


Phase 3: Launch

Then, typically on the first day of a month, we’ll launch and you’ll go live! And usually we are there onsite during system launch to support you.

All of this is done in 90 days or less. Guaranteed.

The Stellar One Team

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