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How much does an SAP Business One implementation cost?

The most common question we get asked by small businesses, once they’re confident that SAP Business One can help them overcome their challenges and reach their goals, is how much does it cost to implement?

This is my answer: It’s the price of a car.

Well, what kind of a car, you ask?

Great question.

These are the 5 factors that influence the cost of an SAP Business One implementation:

  1. Complexity of your business processes. Do you need just accounting, sales & distribution capabilities? Do you have inventory that needs to be managed? Are you manufacturing your products? Are you selling into big box retailers like Target & Walmart, or on websites like Amazon or NewEgg?
  1. Number of users. Is it 5-10 users on the system, or will you have 25, 50 or 100 users?
  1. Number of Locations. How many locations do you have? Do you have multiple warehouses strewn across the country or in a particular region?
  1. Number of Entities. Do you have a warehouse or manufacturing facility overseas that acts as separate entity? Or are all your operations housed under a single entity?
  1. Number of Currencies. Are you transacting in multiple currencies, or is it just US dollars?

So, let me ask you: what kind of implementation are you driving?

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Is your implementation a Toyota Camry, a BMW 3-Series, or a Tesla Model S?

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