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How to Eliminate Fear of Your Competitors with SAP Business One

Are your sales professionals worried about going head to head with one or more of your competitors when new opportunities arise? 

Does the mention of a specific competitor take the wind out of your sales confidence?

Even if you’re lagging behind the competition, it’s unlikely you need to reinvent your entire business. Instead, you can regain a competitive advantage by identifying your true differentiators and leveraging them to the fullest. This shifts the sales conversation away from your competitors’ strengths and onto yours.SAP Business One

At Stellar One, we help you identify what makes your business better. Then, we collaborate to use the business process discipline and functionality inherent in SAP Business One to keep your differentiators consistently high quality. Ultimately, you standardize and automate the processes that elevate your business above the competition.

SAP Business One Elevates Your Strengths

The Stellar One Cloud platform offers small and midsized businesses (SMBs) the most comprehensive ERP functionality, and your business will benefit most by personalizing it to stress your value differentiators.

For example, if you developed special processes that give you a competitive advantage, you can personalize SAP Business One to fit those processes. Let’s say you have a robust supply chain process that enables you to guarantee 10% faster order turns than competitors – SAP Business One can automate the workflows and reporting around that process so you can pass the time savings to your customers. Or maybe you found a method to squeeze an extra 12% yield out of each production run – you can personalize SAP Business One to suit that process and give you flexibility to offer discounts or other customer incentives.

The point is this: you need only to evaluate what you do better than everyone else and personalize SAP Business One to bring that to the forefront of every customer interaction. This gives your sales team confidence in the face of competitors, makes your job easier, improves profits, and increases customer satisfaction.

ERP for the Entire Business

Beyond the flexible nature of SAP Business One functionality and reporting, you also gain a system that puts your entire business on the same page. It begins with front-end CRM functionality for sales and marketing and integrating their data with production, fulfillment, invoicing, and finance

You can track both revenue increases and profit margin increases that result from either grouped or individual sales situations, with reporting by time frame, geography, sales team, and more. You can uncover where your ‘order-to-cash’ process margin becomes eroded (or exposed to erosion). Such operational efficiency gains have long been a benefit of SAP Business One, but a growing number of SMBs are deftly turning SAP Business One into a revenue and profit-generation engine as well.


Marketers and sales professionals talk about the competitive advantage delivered by ERP software, but the ‘how’ is often missing. SMBs can’t gain a competitive advantage simply by implementing a software platform everyone else has – to win and feel confident against strong competitors, you need to implement your ERP platform in a way that magnifies what you do better.

At Stellar One Consulting, we guide SMBs to ERP success by standardizing and automating the processes that make them excel. We build on that with insights into making the business more efficient – all via SAP Business One and decades of ERP implementation experience.

Richard Sellar

President at Stellar One Consulting

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