4 Risks of Changing Your Current ERP System

December 28, 2017 Richard Sellar

Modern ERP systems are vastly superior to those of a decade ago and can revolutionize the way your business performs – if implemented correctly. That said, changing your ERP system comes with risks that you should address before making a change.

How to Eliminate Fear of Your Competitors with SAP Business One

December 12, 2017 Richard Sellar

Are your sales professionals worried about going head to head with one or more of your competitors when new opportunities arise? Does the mention of a specific competitor take the wind out of your sales confidence?

Business Problem Solving: How to Keep that Entrepreneurial Tunnel Vision

June 20, 2017 The Stellar One Team

Focus isn’t easy.


As an entrepreneur, you have a natural urge tugging you toward the next shiny business idea. While your


entrepreneurial spirit is excellent, however, and sure to bring you rewards later, you must first focus on the business you’ve already started.


Lack of focus can cause you to lose opportunities – it could even be the demise of your buddin

How to Properly Staff During Your Business Expansion

May 25, 2017 The Stellar One Team

You started out as a mom-and-pop-style retail business. Today, you have three locations, an online marketplace, and further business expansion on the horizon.


So what’s the issue?


You’re running out of qualified employees to keep the ball rolling on the expansion – you need the right mix of personnel to manage your locations, but right now your staff consis

6 Reasons Why Your Future is Cloudy

October 08, 2016 Richard Sellar



Your future is cloudy. This doesn’t mean that it is uncertain (although there is no way around that). It means businesses are increasingly turning to cloud services in order to simplify their landscape and focus on what makes them successful. The cloud also allows businesses to scale up and down in order to meet customer demands and adjust for seasonal tr

Improving Your Bottom Line

Improving your bottom line is always on the forefront of business owners minds. Making key decisions in areas such as inventory, manufacturing, and employees are all ways to increase your overall profit. Having an effective ERP (enterprise resource planning) system in place can be a pivotal factor in being able to make these key decisions – as well as pro

From Start-up to Thriving Business: How Innovation is Bridging the Gap

The driving passion and goal of every new start-up is growth. To grow your business, your clients, your offerings, your influence in your community – whatever it may be, the bottom line is upward mobility is at the heart and soul of every enterprise. But as you find your business expanding, you may also find it harder to manage. Luckily, technology makes

Have I Outgrown My Business Software?

If you’re finding yourself asking this question, it’s probably a good sign. As your business grows and becomes more successful, a higher burden will be placed on your current software to perform and accommodate this growth. But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade? Here are some key indicators that your business software is buckling under the weight

Customer Service and Social Media

Social media and customer service go together like peanut butter and jelly. Social media enables you to meet your customer and their needs right where they are. And as more and more people take to the internet to voice opinions, leave reviews, and ask questions – it only makes sense that customer service should meet them there. Social media is an excellen

How Technology is Changing Customer Service


Technology has been making business processes across the board better connected and more efficient – customer service is no different. Tech trends have enabled businesses to become better connected to their employees, their products, and their customers. Better connectivity means better communication – which is vital in customer service.


Tech Influence #1: