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ERP Software or ERP Implementation Partner: What is More Important?

Beyond ERP Technology –

The Two Decisions You Have to Make

If you’ve decided that implementing a new ERP software will help solve the operational problems your organization faces, then you’re realizing that you’ve got two big decisions to make:

  1. What ERP software is the best for your company?
  2. Who are you going to hire to implement and support your new ERP system?

If you’re looking at best-of-breed ERP solutions from vendors like SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle, then the software you select is the least critical of the two questions. Juggernauts like these make great software products, that’s why you’re considering them.

Companies win and lose using these solutions every day, and it’s not solely because of the software. The value that a business drives from the software is due to the way the software is being utilized.

7 min read

SAP Business ByDesign vs. SAP Business One – What’s the Difference?

SAP is the world’s leading ERP software developer and has been since the inception of this software category. SAP offers two solutions for small and midmarket companies: SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One. Both ERP systems are designed for small and mid-market companies so, without some further explanation, it can be hard to determine which solution is the right fit for you. To make it easier for you to determine which software option is best for your business, we put together a guide that explores the similarities and differences of SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign.

7 min read

SAP ERP for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Considering an SAP ERP solutions for your small or mid-sized business? Learn more about SAP ERP solutions and how they help businesses of all sizes:

36 min read

PODCAST: A Woman in Tech's Passion for Developing Problem Solving Software Products

Star Talks: Episode 17 with Lisa Haggard: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and in this episode Lisa Haggard, the Head of Product Strategy at Chassi, shares how at a young age her first encounter with the internet shaped her idea and curiosity of technology as the 'window to the world', how she worked as a QA tester on Xbox live games and learned that determination helps exceed natural ability, how Chassi's operational insights enables the ability to see an individual's success while using their tools, such as an ERP, and how that can result in driving the increase in income and earnings for people in operations.

22 min read

PODCAST: The Future of Operational Excellence & Employee Performance for Small to Mid-market Companies

Star Talks: Episode 16 with Stellar One and Chassi Panelists: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and in this episode Richard Sellar, CEO at Stellar One Consulting, Andrew Zwerner, CEO at Chassi, and Lisa Haggard, Head of Product Strategy at Chassi share their ideas in a live panel discussion about the next frontier in business management technology and how it will democratize peak performance and help small & mid-market companies compete with billion dollar businesses.

37 min read

PODCAST: From Pioneering the First CRM Software to Fighting a Global Pandemic with Innovative Solutions

Star Talks: Episode 15 with Justin Dooley: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and in this episode Justin Dooley, the President and CFO at Chassi and Partner at Tarus Capital, shares how he began studying chemical engineering at the University of Illinois and how his interest in high-tech blossomed eventually leading to his contributions as one of the first Executives at Siebel Systems where he helped define and pioneer the CRM software category. 

47 min read

PODCAST: From Protecting the American People to Pioneering the Next Frontier of Business Management Technology

Star Talks: Episode 14 with Andrew Zwerner: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and in this episode Andrew Zwerner, the CEO of Chassi, shares his story of multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan serving as an Intelligence Officer in the US Navy and how his experiences shaped his passion to lead teams through uncertainty, how he transitioned from the FBI to the private sector and built a startup company that reached 8-figure revenue in just their 4th year, and how the team at Chassi represents the next frontier of business management technology to democratize peak performance for small and mid-market companies so they can scale better than larger enterprises do.

33 min read

PODCAST: How to Scale & Grow a Healthy eCommerce Brand

Star Talks: Episode 13 with Ken Ott: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and in this episode Ken Ott, the founder of Metacake, shares how throughout high school and college he began his entrepreneurial journey, how there is a business case for investing, creating, and telling a brand story well, and how he’s attracted world class brands by providing consistency and high-level experience.

26 min read

PODCAST: Educating Students To Solve Business Challenges – An Entrepreneur's Transition To College Professor

Star Talks: Episode 12 with Robert Markley: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and in this episode Robert Markley, head of the SAP Alliance Program at Saint Vincent College, shares how he co-founded & exited several successful IT consulting companies, how he made the transition from an entrepreneur to a college professor, and how to train and educate students to help companies leverage technology to solve business challenges.  

31 min read

PODCAST: How to Use Your Business' Most Powerful Weapon - Your Customer's Voice

Star Talks: Episode 11 with Vinay Bhagat: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and on this episode Vinay Bhagat, the founder and CEO of TrustRadius, shares how earning his MBA at Harvard rounded him out as a person and how getting fired prompted him to start his own company. He talks about as an individual, when developing your career it's important to have a growth mindset by being honest about what you do and don't know while also having the humility to learn from the people around you, and how TrustRadius equips companies with the power to share their customers voice and the role customer feedback should have in your sales process 

3 min read

Don't Do This One Thing Before Launching Your Software Project

I was once on a project that was establishing a shared service center for a large company with operations across the US. In initial meetings to gather scope and set goals for the project, all the project leads gathered in a conference room to plan. It was a typical planning meeting, trying to map process, plan infrastructure, and build-out teams. There was plenty of discussion from those in the meeting, but it was very difficult to come to decisions on the way forward. 

4 min read

2019 SAP Business One Review on TrustRadius

We totally understand. Choosing an ERP system is a huge decision for any company. For some of you, it may be factoring into the survival of your business, so you need to make the right call on this one. You're probably reading this because SAP Business One is one of the software options you're considering. Well you came to the right place. Below are the 2019 SAP Business One software and Stellar One Consulting reviews from TrustRadius. 

27 min read

PODCAST: From Escaping Communism in Vietnam to Launching a CPG Brand that Impacts the Lives of Women in Kenya

Star Talks: Episode 10 with Chi Nguyen: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and on this episode Chi Nguyen, the founder and CEO of Purpose Tea, shares how her family escaped communism and immigrated from Vietnam with just the clothes on their backs and how it inspired her to be a purpose-driven entrepreneur. She talks about how to materialize a brand story, how she's been able to execute brand strategies for fortune 100 companies and how Purpose Tea is navigating the challenging waters of launching a consumer packaged good while making a significant social impact in the lives of women tea farmers in Kenya.

3 min read

Overcoming 'Gravity' in the Workplace

As I speak to customers and employees about their daily struggles, I have come to better understand the challenges that all of us face on a regular basis. There are many things in this world that hold us back, keep us from converting our potential energy to kinetic energy, moving from opportunity to accomplishment. I have come to call these things 'Gravity', as they are holding us in place and keeping us from breaking free to accomplish the big goals in our universe. Keep us from getting off the ground and heading for the stars. Gravity kills inertia and inhibits progress. It drags us down instead of lifting us up.

26 min read

PODCAST: Manufacturing Intelligence & How to Turn Data into Dollars

Star Talks: Episode 9 with Jim Gavigan: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and on this episode Jim Gavigan, the President and Founder of Industrial Insight, Inc talks about how in just two years ago with less than $200 in his checking account has been able to build a company that teaches some of the biggest manufacturers in the world, how to get their data to tell compelling stories that impact bottom line growth. 

33 min read

PODCAST: How to Successfully Sell into Big-Box eCommerce

Star Talks: Episode 8 with Luke Peters: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and on this episode Luke Peters, the CEO & President NewAir Compact Appliances, the CEO of Retail Band, and Host of the Page 1 Podcast, talks about how he's been able to create and develop successful consumer electronics brands, how to navigate and overcome the challenges a brand faces when selling into big-box retailer eCommerce websites, and how to manage relationships with factories overseas and maintain profit margins during trade war times.

26 min read

PODCAST: Building High-Performing Teams & Using the Agile Methodology


Star Talks: Episode 7 with Reza Karegaran: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and on this episode Reza Karegaran, the former CIO at AutoAnything.com, talks about the challenges of managing an eCommerce catalog with over 50 million SKUs, how he was able to cultivate a purpose-driven, principled culture in a demanding software development environment, and how the Agile development methodology can be applied to deliver valuable, high-quality products more quickly and more efficiently.

24 min read

PODCAST: Increase Cashflow by Enabling Your Staff with A/R Automation


Star Talks: Episode 6 with Tom Bartolucci: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and on this episode Tom Bartolucci, Senior Vice President of Engineering at YayPay, shares his journey from building music file management & mobile video player software, to being a developer for the federal government, through to today where his team is pioneering the A/R & collections automation space. 

23 min read

PODCAST: Lawrence Greaves - The Co-Founder & CEO of Opkix

Star Talks: Episode 5 with Lawrence Greaves: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things, and on this episode Lawrence Greaves, CEO and Co-Founder of Opkix, shares how the team assembled around you is key to being a successful entrepreneur. 


20 min read

PODCAST: How to Maximize Technology ROI through Solution Readiness

Star Talks: Episode 4 with Steve King: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things, and on this episode Steve King, Managing Director at First Wave Client Solutions, shares about how a summer job working for his uncle acted as a catalyst when choosing his career path.


23 min read

PODCAST: Becoming a True Supply Chain Guru with Scott McKenzie


Star Talks: Episode 3 with Scott McKenzie: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and on this episode Scott McKenzie, Regional Sales Manager at DataMax Software Group, shares his expertise with working in the Supply Chain Industry. 

19 min read

PODCAST: Being the Head of IS at SpaceX with Richard Sellar

Star Talks: Episode 2 with Richard Sellar: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and on this episode Richard Sellar, former Head of IS at SpaceX, shares how business management technology has now turned science fiction into reality. 

22 min read

PODCAST: Being a Successful Female-Founder in Tech with Teresa Sellar

Star Talks: Episode 1 with Teresa Sellar: Star Talks is the podcast of small conversations that inspire you to do big things and on this episode Teresa Sellar, the Founder of Stellar One Consulting, shares about how she overcame tall obstacles to become a successful female founder in technology.


3 min read

4 Risks of Changing Your Current ERP System

Modern ERP systems are vastly superior to those of a decade ago and can revolutionize the way your business performs – if implemented correctly. That said, changing your ERP system comes with risks that you should address before making a change.

3 min read

What is a digital transformation and why is it key in 2020?

If you were living in the United States during the 1800s, almost everything you purchased and utilized would have been sourced in your immediate local area. You would have had few options, if any, for basic necessities and you likely wouldn't have had any disposable income for luxuries.

2 min read

How we successfully implement ERP software for SME's

The key to a successful SAP Business One implementation is to begin testing your business processes in the system as quickly as possible.

2 min read

How much does an SAP Business One implementation cost?

The most common question we get asked by small businesses, once they’re confident that SAP Business One can help them overcome their challenges and reach their goals, is how much does it cost to implement?

2 min read

What the Heck is an ERP Software Implementation?


Most of the software that you use today has probably been purchased online, with almost no human interaction.

 The process typically goes like this: You visit a website, create a username and password, enter your credit card information and then login to start using the software.

7 min read

How to Implement SAP Business One in 90 Days

If you’re here, you’re a smart business person.


You don’t need me to convince you that your small business must leverage powerful technology in order to maximize efficiency, growth, and profitability. SAP Business One can help you accomplish this; it's an incredible platform. So if you've come this far, take comfort in knowing you’re definitely on the right track.

2 min read

Implementing an ERP System: Positioning for Success

If you run a small to midsized manufacturing or distribution business, you and your colleagues wear many hats to achieve success; as you start to grow, however, you’ll need to hire more specialized staff to focus on specific functions. While this will help your growth, it has the downside of making effective communication challenging – more people equals difficulty sharing information across departments and could make you slower to respond to competitors and changing market conditions.

2 min read

Managing Your Time During an ERP Implementation

Conducting day-to-day tasks while your small or medium-sized business implements a new ERP system is a challenge that often gets overlooked. 

1 min read

5 Critical Steps for a Successful ERP Implementation

Small and midsized businesses tread carefully around their decision to implement a new ERP system. 

3 min read

How to Eliminate Fear of Your Competitors with SAP Business One

Are your sales professionals worried about going head to head with one or more of your competitors when new opportunities arise? 

2 min read

5 Reasons Your Future is Cloudy

Your future is cloudy, not because it’s uncertain (although it is), but rather because businesses are increasingly turning to cloud services to simplify their landscape and focus on what makes them successful.

The cloud is everywhere, including in our personal lives – our emails, photos, music, etc. live in the cloud – but some businesses cling to the idea that managing their own hardware is the way to go.

Here are 5 reasons you should run your systems in the cloud.

2 min read

Could a Natural Disaster Sideline Your Business?

You’ve put time and money into your business – could an unfortunate event cause you to lose everything?

2 min read

Does Your Company Take Deadlines Seriously?

The deadline. It’s a time set in stone, a point of no return.

Or is it?

2 min read

How to Get Your Project Across the Finish Line

You’ve set the deadline. You’ve outlined the steps to get your project done. Now you have a problem.

What do you do first? What if your motivation lags? Where do you focus when there are a million pieces of the project puzzle?

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